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With the Fusion II, you can combine both whitewater and touring to create bigger adventures. You might just be getting started in the sport, and haven’t settled on which type of kayaking you prefer yet, or perhaps you’re looking for unrestricted adventures that combine the adrenaline rush of whitewater with a peaceful cruise across a lake; either way, the Fusion II has you covered, and even features a spacious hatch for overnight trips or a scenic picnic.

The combination of a moderate length waterline, balanced rocker profile, and retractable skeg mean you can be fast on the flat and manoeuvrable on the river, whilst the adjustable outfitting and spacious cockpit offer security, control, and comfort in equal measures.


Skeg Slider

  • Positioned in front of the cockpit for easy visibility and access, with a simple to operate and maintain cleat & pulley system.

Action Camera Mount

  • Securely mount an action camera so you can show your friends and family just how epic your adventure was!

Drain Bung

  • Allows water to be easily emptied from the cockpit area.


Length: 214cm

Width: S:64cm M:66cm L:70cm 

Weight: S:20kgs M:23kgs L:25kgs

External Cockpit Length: S:96cm M:95cm L:95cm

External Cockpit Width: S:50cm M:51cm L:54cm

Colour Options

  • Yellow / Red / Green

  • Turquoise / Lime / Fuchsia

  • Red / White / Grey

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