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The Loki is designed to revive the classic moves that we learned when we played the river the first time. If you want smooth linked cartwheels, a smile on every eddyline and enjoy serious vertical time then this is the boat for you.

The Loki is loose and fast on the river and ocean waves. Vertical moves are more controlled and impressive than in a short boat. The Loki is a great downriver play boat, its extra length means more speed, making eddies and must make ferry glides easier and more controlled.


Length & Deck Profiling

  • Retains speed and slices through features on down river missions.

Low Volume Slicey Ends

  • For pivots and squirts in eddies and initiating all your vertical moves.


  • Smooth and forgiving for sweet surfing sessions.


Length: S:219cm M:220cm L:222cm

Width: S:61cm M:62cm L:63cm

Weight: S:14.5kgs M:15.5kgs L:16kgs

External Cockpit Length: S:86cm M:86cm L:86cm

External Cockpit Width: S:48cm M:48cm L:48cm

Colour Options

  • Yellow / Red / Green

  • Turquoise / Lime / Fuchsia

  • Red / White / Grey

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