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The TG lite lets kids get the most from their time afloat. Rather than scaling down a grown-up’s boat, we’ve looked at what younger paddlers do on the water and built in that versatility when we designed it. Subtle rails and a flat hull make for a versatile package but the reduced length, volume and cockpit size mean the young ones won’t have any problems keeping up with their parents.


Moulded In Carry Handles

  • Moulded in handles are hard wearing and make the Master TG easy to carry

Rapid Seat

  • Fixed plastic Seat

Optional Heavy Duty Hull

  • Optional heavy duty hull increases resistance to wear and tear


Length: 245cm

Width: 61cm

Weight: 13 kgs

External Cockpit Length: 75cm

External Cockpit Width: 44cm

Colour Options

  • Yellow / Red / Green

  • Turquoise / Lime / Fuchsia

  • Red / White / Grey

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