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A descendant of the legendary InaZone, the Z.One has newly developed features that have been modernized for today`s paddling styles. The paddler gets substantially greater control over the movement of the kayak on the water, improved balance and a lifted knee position for more efficient paddling strokes.

Aspiring kayakers will benefit from the Z.One’s stability and maneuverability whilst surfing a wave or on any river features that they want to play or run, whilst those returning from a few years off will find a kayak that feels familiar enough for them to engage with and get back into the sport.


Raised Bow Rocker

  • To give extra lift over boils and eddylines.

Softer Edges

  • Softer edges with lower rear cockpit rim and smoother hull cross section increases ease of rolling.

Modern Seating Position

  • Ergonomic design with raised knees for increased comfort and better edge control.


Length: S:249cm M:257cm L:265cm

Width: S:63.5cm M:65cm L:68cm

Weight: S:16.5kgs M:17.5kgs L:19kgs

External Cockpit Length: S:85.5cm M:90cm L:90cm

External Cockpit Width: S:47.5cm M:47.5cm L:48.8cm

Colour Options

  • Yellow / Red / Green

  • Turquoise / Lime / Fuchsia

  • Red / White / Grey

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