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After years of development we believe the RS Aero is the most technically advanced boat in its sector. Which explains why it’s the most exciting and best-selling modern single-hander. And easily handled too. Astonishingly, the RS Aero weighs about the same as an Optimist. That drives everything about its incredible user friendliness through transporting, rigging and launching – before you even experience the addictive sensations afloat. Complex thinking leading to beautiful simplicity – the RS Aero ignites the pure excitement of sailing in its least complicated form. Three rig sizes enable youths, ladies and guys to enjoy the ride. Already an International Class, the community is building fast for the most competitive sailors. It’s a phenomenon. Just do it.



  • We have found through testing that 4m length is long enough to support the larger helmsman, without being too much of a handful for small sailors to launch and recover. An overall beam of 1.4m conveniently fits a normal roof-rack.


  • Chined hull is the best approach, giving the sailor more reserve stability
  • peels off the spray when sailing down wind and at the same time gives greater dynamic stability
  • The RS Aero is so light there is less inertial mass to pull against if a lull or a header
  • The chine has a small lip (or land) in order to reduce spray drag and for precise positioning of the computer cut

Fine bow

  • A fine bow for upwind sailing, stable mid-ship sections and a relatively wide transom
  • Transom shape has been fine tuned to ensure that the RS Aero planes bow up (analogous to the trim tabs on a powerboat stern)

Flat panel deck

  • Used a chined flat panel deck to minimise weight and keep straight load-paths with structural corners
  • Maximising sitting out comfort whilst maintaining good “kick off” surfaces when roll tacking – and a feeling of security when sailing downwind in a blow


Hull: 3 Layer Comptec PE3

Length: 4m

Beam: 1.4m

Weight: 30kg

Additional Options

This is just a selection of the extra kit you may want to go with your dinghy. To find out more about rig options or discuss your particular requirements please get in touch using the contact page or call 07712 896 502.

Breathable top cover: £185

Under cover: £139

Aluminium launching trolley: £359

Wind indicator: £16.50

Righting line kit: £29

Carbon Pro Ex tiller extension: £82

Padded spar bag: £82

Padded daggerboard bag: £40

Roadbase: £795


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