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The world’s leading double handed dinghy for youngsters and parent / child teams. An International Class with events around the globe, the RS Feva is fast-growing in most developed sailing nations and expanding into others every year. Chosen by families, clubs and National Authorities to build the pathway to a lifetime in sailing – the RS Feva offers a double-handed alternative and a stepping stone at the crucial time in sailing lives. Exciting performance is the secret behind the success. Modern styling and practical features make it irresistible. We couldn’t be more proud of the RS Feva’s achievements for thousands of sailors and for the sport.


Fun for all – Young or old

  • Big cockpit and high boom make the Feva really comfortable for youngsters and adults.

Single handed or crewed

  • The Feva is the perfect size and has rig options that allow easy handling by one sailor, family crews or friends.
  • High volume hull means it’s manageable for heavier crew

Novice to racer

  • Combines stability with performance
  • Confidence inspiring and very easy to sail…
  • RS Feva is also the fastest of her type
  • Full Class racing and training programmes
  • Worldwide ISAF International Class

User Friendly

  • The mainsail track and halyard mean the sail can be hoisted and dropped, making the boat easier to handle ashore and prolonging the life of the sail.
  • The mast can be stepped without the mainsail, so is literally child’s play.
  • Two part mast and boom stow within the length of the boat for easy transport.
  • Strong, floating daggerboard and lifting rudder systems.


Hull: 3 Layer Comptec PE3

Length: 3.64m

Beam: 1.42m

Weight: 63kg

Additional Options

This is just a selection of the extra kit you may want to go with your dinghy. To find out more about rig options or discuss your particular requirements please get in touch using the contact page or call 07712 896 502.

Breathable top cover: £165

Under cover: £119

Launching trolley: £295

RS Feva S mainsail: £264

6:1 Kicking strap: £82

Padded rudder bag: £40

Padded Daggerboard bag: £40


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