RS Neo

RS Sailing


A single hander with sparkling performance, easy handling and real durability, the RS Neo delivers maximum reward for minimum hassle. A step-up in speed without the demands of more radical designs.

Composite spars and advanced sail design on a stable and easily driven hull combine with the strong, low maintenance RS rotomoulded construction system. The RS Neo is accessible, affordable and exciting.


Sophisticated rig

  • Carbon composite spars – light and responsive
  • Two part mast – in-boat storage & car-top compatible
  • Dynamic gust response – faster and easier handling
  • Radial cut Dacron sail – controllable and durable

User-friendly hull

  • Easily driven shape for rewarding performance
  • Wide waterline beam – for stability
  • High volume – capable carrier, single handed or with two
  • Wide gunwales – for a drier ride and comfortable lifting

Highly durable

  • RS Compete PE3 sandwich construction
  • Impact resistant outer skin
  • Thickness variation matched to high load areas
  • Rub rails protect the underside

Class leading cockpit

  • Self draining
  • Ergonomically shaped for sailor comfort
  • Quick lock mast gate – Fast & secure way to step the mast
  • Conveniently sited controls for easy adjustment underway


Length: 11ft 5

Beam: 4ft 6

Hull weight: 60kg

Sail area: 65 Sq ft

Additional Options

This is just a selection of the extra kit you may want to go with your dinghy. To find out more about rig options or discuss your particular requirements please get in touch using the contact page or call 07712 896 502.

Breathable top cover: £143

Launching trolley: £280

Padded rudder bag: £40

Padded dagger board bag: £40

RS Twin tube mast flotation bag: £40


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