Venture Prospector 155

Corelite: £939

Corelite X: £1,075

Whitewater: £1,349

The Venture Prospector 155 is a traditional style and highly popular canoe that’s ideal for whitewater enthusiasts or wilderness tripping, both solo and tandem.

A wide beam, classic symmetrical hull and soft tumblehome mean the Venture Prospector 155 inspires confidence, whilst the familiar re-curved bow and high freeboard keep you dry through features and prevent swamping. The historical Prospector designs that this model draws inspiration from were true workhorses, so you can load the Venture Prospector 155 up for short weekend tandem trips or extended solo trips and still enjoy the supreme edging performance that gives pleasingly simple turns on both moving and flat water; loading the boat up also improves tracking and reduces windage.


CL is a three layer construction that gives an exceptional Weight-to-Rigidity ratio, taking advantage of the fact that only the outer layers of the material are required to bear compressive and tensile forces by using a lighter, rigid foam inner layer; this foam core has the added benefit of giving the whole canoe enough inherent buoyancy to keep it at the waterline in the event of swamping. The HDPE used for the outer layers is both highly durable and readily repairable.

Corelite X

In CoreLite X, the Prospector 155 comes alive; you get all the same benefits as standard CoreLite, as well as an impressively stiff hull that gives supremely crisp performance, a weight reduction of approximately 3kg which means you can easily throw the boat around on and off the water, and increased durability meaning that if you take the last sentence too literally it won’t end in tears.



Length: 464cm

Width: 91cm

Carrying Capacity: 370 kgs

Colour Options

Classic Symmetrical Hull

  • With great edging capabilities

Moderate Rocker

  • For easy manoeuvrability and good tracking

Wide Beam and Soft Tumblehome

  • Offers excellent stability

Can be paddled Solo or Tandem

  • Optional Centre Seat available for solo paddling

High Freeboard

  • For a dryer ride and impressive load carrying capacity.

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